sabato 27 settembre 2014


Druidcraft Tarot   
Yesterday I've started an intuitive tarot workshop at my   mother's place: two lessons of three hours for  a maximum of    eight  participants. We ended up being eight women of different ages looking     at  the Major Arcana, describing images and feelings and trying  to write down some notes. Eight women, eight witches, eight  human beings, everyone with her own experience of love,  loss, gratitude, pain, hope, silence, rage, expectation.  Curiously enough, when I asked them to choose   and pick up a  card each in order to create a story, all male triumphs, except  the Hermit, were discarded. 
 And honestly as someone who goes searching in the dark,    bringing a small lantern - a personal light, a thirst for inner  knowledge -, I hardly see the Hermit as primarily male: he is   everyone who consciously walks on a path outside the maps. 

Druidcraft Tarot
We all started as the Empress, or The Green Woman, the Lady, the feminine itself acknowledging the inescapable power of nature, and able to change it in nourishment. A Queen whose greatest joy is the capacity to bestow gifts. A woman who needs to cope with the Angel of Judgment, as a fatal lesson that might take something or someone valuable away, while awakening her to a deep experience of the world. When we are fatally broken we know that the fractured self can never be completely mended. But the crack is also the hole the lets lights in or out. We have to look at it, to the opened grave of Judgment, to let our dreams pouring out. This is where The Star shines, naked because she doesn't need any protection, she is fully exposed under the streams of the sky and in the earthly ones, that sometimes are full of mud, a creative matter that gives shape to our emotions. Everything's flowing under the Star's light. She knows herself. Sun and Strength comes from her: the Sun of affective connections and care, the strength of endurance. 

Fairy Lights Tarot
   The Moon is probably the most impenetrable tarot card. Its visions are either powerful or dangerous, clear or deceitful. It also embodies the magic of tarot, and magic is always double-edged. Yet in our storyline it has become a releasing token. The woman who has been the Empress, the Hermit and the Star is now ready to become The Moon's witch, a figure able to cope  with either the necessity to heal others or the importance of trusting her own visions and desires. From Nature she has moved through pain   towards Dreams and finally she has found her Mask,  that is the tale  she is now ready to  accept and share, borrowing  lights from her many experiences, in the same way in which the  moon attracts and reflects sunrays. 

In the end we are all here to live a story - a hard, brutal,    frustrating,  marvellous, mysterious one - and to create our own  tools to tell it. 

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  1. What a magnificent post!
    "the fractured self can never be completely mended. But the crack is also the hole the lets lights in or out." this is so true for me personally. In the end I like myself better fractured and bruised with the wisdom gained form these experiences than how I started the journey of my adult life

  2. thank you Ellen! The workshops are quite an intense experience about sharing finding new words to tell our lives. That's somehow true - a broken thing has more "space" to let light pass through. Have a nice Sunday!